Tongue-Tie Treatment

Release Your Child’s Tongue-Tie

  • Help your child breastfeed without difficulty
  • Avoid long-term issues with speech & confidence
  • Make it easier for your child to move their tongue
Set Your Child Up for Success With Tongue-Tie Treatment in Shelby Charter Township

Set Your Child Up for Success With Tongue-Tie Treatment in Shelby Charter Township

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s health and well-being. That’s why you bring your little one to the dentist for checkups. Dr. Joh will carefully monitor your child’s oral development. If your little one has a tongue-tie that gets in the way of their ability to eat or nurse, they will benefit from tongue-tie treatment in Shelby Charter Township. This procedure will:

  • Help them speak clearly and confidently as they get older
  • Allow your child to enjoy a wider range of foods
  • Improve their overall well-being thanks to better nutrition
  • Prevent possible dental problems later down the road
  • Give your child confidence about their smile’s condition

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Improve Your Child’s Life With an Easy Treatment

A tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition that occurs when the band of tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is too short or tight. This can affect your child’s ability to move their tongue properly. It can lead to a range of issues such as difficulty speaking, eating, and swallowing. Dr. Joh can assess your child’s condition and determine if a procedure called a frenectomy is needed.

To release a tongue-tie:

  • Preparation – Dr. Joh will numb your child’s mouth in preparation so they won’t feel anything during the frenectomy.
  • Procedure – Your dentist will quickly and carefully release the band of tissue under the tongue. After the frenulum is released, the dentist will close the surgical area to control any bleeding.
  • Post-Operative Care – The dentist will give you instructions on how to care for your child’s mouth after the treatment. Your child will be able to start nursing right away after the procedure. Older children will need to avoid certain foods during a brief healing period.

Spot the Symptoms of a Tongue-Tie

You can watch for these common symptoms of tongue-tie at home. They include:

  • Difficulty with normal tongue movements
  • Trouble latching on during breastfeeding
  • Clicking sounds during nursing
  • For older children, pickiness about certain foods
  • Difficulties pronouncing certain letters and sounds

If you notice any of these symptoms, bring your child in for a checkup.

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