TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Keep Your Teeth Whole

  • Protect your smile from teeth grinding
  • Relieve jaw tension by healing your joints
  • Stop headaches & other TMJ symptoms
Find Jaw Pain Relief With TMJ Treatment in Shelby Charter Township

Find Jaw Pain Relief With TMJ Treatment in Shelby Charter Township

You don’t need to live with the struggles of a TMJ disorder. If you are tired of jaw pain or sensitive teeth due to clenching or grinding, you can find much-needed relief with our TMJ treatment in Shelby Charter Township. Dr. Joh can provide treatment that will:

  • Put a stop to the clicking or popping sounds in your jaw
  • Alleviate uncomfortable headaches and jaw pain
  • Allow you to wake up refreshed, without jaw discomfort
  • Prevent dental damage caused by bruxism
  • Improve your oral and overall health

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Find the Right Solution for Your TMJ Problem

10 MILLION More than 10 million people in the U.S. have TMJ disorder. Source.
Your TMJs (temporomandibular joints) are located on either side of your face, near your jaw. They give you the natural function of opening and closing your mouth. A TMJ disorder can be caused by a variety of factors such as injury to the jaw, stress, arthritis, misalignment, or teeth grinding and clenching. You may experience symptoms such as chronic jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds when you chew, and headaches.

If you are noticing these symptoms, it’s important to make an appointment. Dr. Joh will review the symptoms you are experiencing and do a thorough exam. He’ll also use advanced technology, such as intraoral cameras and X-rays, to determine the underlying cause. Based on these findings, he will recommend the ideal treatment to provide you with lasting relief. It may involve one of these services or a combination:

  • Bite Guards – These custom-fitted oral appliances act as a cushion between your teeth and reduce the pressure on your TMJs. You’ll wear your guard at night, the most common time for teeth grinding or clenching.
  • Botox Injections – Specifically targeted Botox injections can help relax the muscles in your jaw, relieving pain and tension. The treatments can easily become part of your regular dental checkups for long-lasting relief.
  • Six Month Smiles – This fast orthodontic solution can correct misaligned teeth that may contribute to your TMJ disorder. You can typically finish your treatment within six months, giving you much quicker results than other orthodontics.

In addition, Dr. Joh may recommend restorative procedures if the grinding or clenching of your teeth has led to dental damage. He’ll work with you to give you back a pain-free and healthy smile.

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