Space Maintainers

Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

  • Encourage proper dental development
  • Give your child a straight & attractive smile
  • Save money on future orthodontic care
Safeguard Your Child's Smile With Space Maintainers in Shelby Charter Township

Safeguard Your Child’s Smile With Space Maintainers in Shelby Charter Township

You want the best for your child, which includes ensuring they have a healthy and functional smile for life. If they lose a baby tooth too soon, it can lead to potential orthodontic issues down the road. Luckily, preventive measures such as space maintainers in Shelby Charter Township can make a big difference for your child. This treatment can:

  • Prevent overcrowding and misalignment of permanent teeth
  • Encourage the proper eruption of adult teeth
  • Minimize the need for future orthodontic treatment
  • Preserve the spacing for incoming permanent teeth
  • Promote healthy jaw development and bite alignment

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Avoid Later Orthodontic Intervention With a Simple Appliance

Space maintainers are customized appliances designed to hold the space left by a prematurely lost baby tooth. When a primary tooth is lost too early, due to injury, decay, or other reasons, the remaining teeth can shift into the vacant space. That’s why bringing your child in for regular checkups is so valuable. These visits can help prevent this problem, which can lead to overcrowding and misalignment issues later down the road.

If your child has lost a tooth too soon, Dr. Joh can create a customized space maintainer appliance for your child’s growing smile. This device will:

  • Preserve Proper Spacing – Space maintainers keep the space open where the tooth fell out too soon, allowing the permanent tooth to erupt in its correct position.
  • Prevent Misalignment – By maintaining the natural spacing, space maintainers help prevent overcrowding, crossbites, and other alignment issues.
  • Reduce Future Treatment – By addressing alignment problems early on, space maintainers can minimize the need for later orthodontic treatment.
  • Boost Confidence – A well-aligned set of teeth can enhance your child’s self-esteem and confidence as they grow older.
  • Promote Better Jaw Development – Maintaining the proper spacing also supports healthy jaw development and ensures a well-balanced bite.

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