Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore Your Smile’s Beauty

  • Regain full oral function with a crown or bridge
  • Sedation options will help you feel relaxed
  • Enjoy eating comfortably again
Stop Dental Damage With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Shelby Charter Township

Stop Dental Damage With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Shelby Charter Township

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. If it’s compromised by damaged, diseased, or missing teeth, you may need dental crowns and bridges in Shelby Charter Township. These restorative solutions will:

  • Improve your smile’s appearance and overall beauty
  • Give you back complete chewing power and biting function
  • Restore your confidence to speak clearly and confidently
  • Rebuild the strength of weakened or damaged teeth
  • Help you avoid further problems to your dental health

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Reclaim Your Confident Smile With a Crown or Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges are among the most common restorative procedures. Teeth can become compromised due to decay, injury, or increased wear and tear. If you visit our practice for regular cleanings and exams, Dr. Joh can address these problems before they progress. However if you are in need of dental repair, you can feel comfortable knowing that our team takes a non-judgmental approach. You’ll feel at ease during your entire appointment.

Your dentist will begin with a thorough exam, utilizing advanced technology like intraoral cameras and panoramic X-rays to assess your needs. Depending on this information, he may recommend:

  • Dental Crowns – A dental crown will be made to restore your tooth’s strength, function, and appearance. It is made of lifelike and strong materials, such as zirconia and e.max, so you can feel confident it will blend in naturally with your smile.
  • Inlays and Onlays – These partial crowns are used if a crown is too large or a filling isn’t enough to repair your smile. They’ll restore your tooth function without requiring as much of your tooth’s structure to be removed.
  • Bridges – A dental bridge will close the gap left by one or more missing teeth. It is anchored to the adjacent natural teeth or to dental implants, if you prefer.

For your comfort, you’ll find sedation options to help you feel ease. You can also select from our amenities such as pillows, blankets, or headphones. We even have massage chairs!

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